Keynote speakers


photo DarleneDr. Darlene E. Clover is a feminist professor of adult education in the Faculty of Education, University of Victoria, Canada. Her areas of teaching and research include feminist, cultural and ecological adult education and community leadership, and arts-based and informed research and teaching methods. Central to her work is the connection between aesthetic practice and social, gender and ecological justice and change. In 2010, Darlene turned her attention to museums and art galleries and their exhibitions as pedagogical spaces of contestation and possibility. From her studies of these institutions, she has designed a critical and creative analytical, methodological, and disruptive research-pedagogy called the Feminist Museum Hack, with variations such as the Decolonising Hack and the Ecological Hack. These practices render visible colonial, patriarchal and other epistemologies of mastery that hide cleverly in plain sight in the images, displays, stagecrafting and texts of arts and culture institutions. In 2017-2018, Darlene curated a multi-media research exhibition entitled Disobedient women: Defiance, resilience and creativity past and present. She and her PhD and MA students are currently designing other arts-based knowledge dissemination tools including collages and zines. Darlene’s most recent co-edited book is entitled Adult education, museums and art galleries: Animating social, cultural and institutional change and she is currently co-editing a special edition of the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education on museum pedagogic and exhibition strategies.


FLEMING_TED PHOTODr. Ted Fleming is currently Adjunct Associate Professor of Adult Education at Columbia University, New York. Previously he was Senior Lecturer and Head of Department at Maynooth University. His doctorate was supervised by Jack Mezirow at Columbia University and he studied with Paulo Freire in Boston. In 2014 at Columbia University he was selected for the Mezirow Award for his original contribution to learning theory and for his writing on Axel Honneth’s critical theory. He delivered the inaugural Mezirow Memorial Lecture at Teachers College (2016). He is advisor to the Learning City project of Larissa City Council (Greece). His recent publications include the RELA Journal and book chapters in American and UK publications on adult and higher education, access to HE, attachment theory and critical theory. His recent publications include (Finnegan & Loxley 2017) Access and widening participation in Irish higher education (Palgrave Macmillan).

Short list of publications 2018/2019
Fleming, T. (in press, 2019). Jürgen Habermas: Higher education and the democracy impulse. In R. Barnett & A. Fulford (Eds.), Philosophers on Higher Education. Heidleberg: Springer.

Fleming, T. (in press, 2019). Transformative learning and higher education. In E. Kostara, A. Gavrielatos & D. Loads, (Eds.), Transformative Learning Theory and Practice: New Perspectives and Possibilities. London: Routledge.

Fleming, T. (2018).Critical theory and transformative learning: Rethinking the radical intent of Mezirow’s theory. International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology, 9(3), 1-13.

Fleming, T. (2018). Mezirow and the Theory of Transformative Learning. In V. Wang, (Ed.), Critical Theory and Transformative Learning, (pp. 120-136). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Fleming, T. (2018). Learning careers and transformative learning: Challenges of learning and work in neoliberal spaces. In B. Merrill, A. Galimberti, A. Nizinska & J. Gonzalez Monteaugudo (Eds.), Continuity and Discontinuity in Learning Careers: Potentials for a Learning Space in a Changing World (pp. 19-34) Leiden NL: BRILL/SENSE.


Image 001Dr. Linden West is Professor of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts. His main expertise lies in the application of auto/biographical and narrative methods, and interdisciplinary psychosocial perspectives, to diverse educational, social, cultural, political and psychological phenomena. These include student experience and motivation in HE; professional learning, lifewide and lifelong, and the nature of critical reflexivity in professional life. Groups studied include family physicians, careers counsellors, social and health workers, nurses, teachers and early years educators. He recently undertook a major study of racism and fundamentalism in a ‘post-industrial’ city, which included interrogating the past, present and potential role of education in building dialogue across cultural difference, at a time of growing xenophobia, populism/nativism, fascism, alongside concerns about the toxic effects of social media and a weakening of democratic values. He is currently undertaking research into the role of auto/biographical and narrative methods in building richer forms of dialogue and self/other recognition among diverse academics, teachers and students in areas of conflict: in Israel, Palestine and Georgia. This work is financed by the EU Erasmus Plus programme.
Linden was recently Visiting Professor at Milano-Bicocca and Paris Nanterre. He co-coordinates two ESREA Networks, on Life History and Biography and Transformative Processes in Learning and Education. He published a recent book with Laura Formenti on Transforming Perspectives in Lifelong Learning and Adult Educatio: A dialogue, focused on building dialogue across difference as well as the conditions which nurture or constrain transformation and transformative learning. Other books are: Beyond Fragments. Adults, motivation and higher education; Doctors on the Edge; and Using Biographical Methods in Social Research with Barbara Merrill; plus several edited collections, including Psychoanalysis and Education with Alan Bainbridge; Using biographical methods in researching lifelong learning and adult education, with Barbara Merrill, Peter Alheit and others. His work is translated into French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.